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The Next Gamer – eSports’ First Reality TV Show Coming Soon

3 August 2017 16:42

A sensational announcement sent shockwaves of undoubted delight through the core of the eSports world this past week, with news The Next Gamer,  a reality style eSports show, will be launching in Australia very, very soon.

Most people have probably watched Big Brother at some point in their lifetime, or at least heard of it.

Even if you’re not a fan, maybe you’ve caught the last ten minutes while waiting for the kettle to boil two or three times over the past two decades.

From scuffles and scandals to controversy and celebrations, the reality show has been a fixture of UK television, drumming up waves of interest in the inhabitants of the house, and granting the general public exclusive 24/7 access to every aspect of their lives. Strangers thrown together and asked to live – sometimes harmoniously, but more often not – under the same roof.

Now, The Next Gamer has been likened to Big Brother… albeit for eSports gamers.

Broadcast exclusively on both Twitch and YouTube, the reality TV show will give one League of Legends gamer the chance to win $10,000 in prize money and a six-month professional contract with LG Dire Wolves, reigning Oceania Pro League champions and arguably one of Australia’s greatest LoL teams.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?


How does The Next Gamer work?

Here’s the deal:

Online qualifiers will initially be held from Saturday 12th to Wednesday 16th August, with forty contestants then battling it out from Saturday 19th August to Wednesday 6th September to claim one of the ten spots up for grabs in the Sydney house.

By the way, you read that right. This isn’t Scarborough or Stockport – this is Sydney.

These ten players will then live together under the same roof down under, undergoing daily challenges and tournaments to test their physical attributes, mental toughness and teamwork. However, five players will be eliminated from the competition after one week.

Forget the ‘Fantastic Four’, the remaining ‘final five’ will collide with Oceania’s top LoL teams before a live finale decides the fate of the quintet and the future of the overall winner.

The Next Gamer team – compromising the final five - will take on the LG Dire Wolves in this grand final to prove their worth, earn their corn and bring home the bacon. It is only then, after the last button has been pressed up on that unforgiving stage in sheer desperation to emerge a victor, that the single winner will be crowned, earning the ultimate prize for any aspiring professional eSports gamer.

A professional contract in one of the industry’s biggest titles – it simply doesn’t get any bigger than this.

eSports is exploding in Australia at the moment and this latest announcement comes off the back of the news that AFL’s Adelaide Crows acquired Sydney-based Legacy earlier this year. The AFL has also expressed an interest in hosting an LoL tournament recently, so an eSports-focussed reality show seems the next logical step and the Antipodeans are delivering the goods with The Next Gamer

There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, and it will all be captured on Twitch and YouTube – a sensational step forward for the ever-growing industry as we get to see what it really takes to become a LoL professional. You will get to see their daily regimes, training schedules, gaming patterns, the sacrifices they make to reach the very top, and more. There will be undoubted button-bashing and sore thumbs before the ten lucky souls even enter their Sydney abode, but this is eSports like you’ve never seen it before.   

There is no news yet as to what will happen to the winner at the end of their six-month contract. It is hoped they would remain a professional within the LoL roster, either staying with the Dire Wolves or picking up a deal elsewhere. However, this is new territory for eSports, so only time will tell. Merely giving someone the opportunity to have a taste of the big time is brilliant news. They’ll be rubbing shoulders with their idols, playing alongside gamers they look up to.

The Dire Wolves’ Twitter bio says ‘Become a member of the #Wolfpack’ and, for someone from The Next Gamer, this dream will become a reality.

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