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The International 2017: Day 4 Round Up

11 August 2017 10:34

Day four saw the action taken to a whole new level, as three more teams would be sent packing from the tournament and the contenders really start to shape out. Favourites were playing underdogs, unbeaten teams were in action and one team would have to double up rounds in the same day. It’s safe to say it was an eventful one at The International Day Four.

Team Liquid vs Team Empire

These two teams came in with extremely contrasting circumstances. Team Liquid were expected to be amongst the top teams at this year’s tournament and battling for the win, but early losses saw them in the LB earlier than they may have wanted (if at all!) whereas Team Empire were enjoying a fabulous run of form after knocking off Evil Geniuses.

‘MATUMBAMAN’ completely controlled the first game, setting Team Liquid up for the first match win in just 34 minutes. Playing as Broodmother, ‘MATUMBAMAN’ ended up as the only level 25 after posting a class 836 XP/Min and 5287 gold. The second match was more of the same, this time lasting almost dead on 30 minutes as Team Liquid cruised to an overall round win in the best-of-3. No one player stood out in the performance, but another solid performance from ‘MATUMBAMAN’ along with  ‘Miracle-‘ and ‘MinD_ContRoL’ took the Netherlands based team through to the next round and kept their tournament dreams alive. Team Empire can leave this tournament with their heads held high after doing much better than anyone expected.

OG Dota2 vs LGD-Gaming

The way these two teams play means this was the most exciting match up of the main event so far. OG had bounced back from a dodgy group stage to go undefeated through three matches of the main event, whilst LGD had bounced back after getting swept by Virtus.Pro in UB round 1.

The pre-round hype did not disappoint, with the first match lasting 55 minutes and swinging backwards and forwards throughout. Ultimately, the ridiculous play from ‘Somnus?M’ in the solo middle role was enough to take LGD over the top and secure the first match. The 21-year old Chinese player took Leshrac to new levels, posting 18/5/13 KDA to go with 9965 gold and 484 last hits. All of those were game highs along with an insane 707 XP/Min for a full 55mins! Unfortunately for OG, he didn’t stop there, coming back in the second match to post another crazy stat line of 20/5/19 and 691 XP/Min. The 20 kills are the most anyone has scored in the main event so far, and doing it to take LGD through to the next round was really something special.

Virtus.Pro vs Team Liquid

After being knocked out the UB yesterday by LGD.ForeverYoung, Virtus.Pro came back to see what they could salvage against Team Liquid, who in turn would have to see what they could do playing two huge rounds in one day.

To put it simply, the first match was an absolute classic, and could well go down as the best of the tournament. It lasted a full 103 minutes, all players finished on lvl 25 and two players posted over 1000 last hits, all of which are main event records for The International 2017. Big matches like this often show which teams rely on one or two people, and which work as a team to reach the end goal, and that’s exactly why Team Liquid took the win. All five players contributed equally, with no one person having to post a stand out performance. On Virtus.Pro, ‘RAMZES666’ and ‘No[o]ne’ had an excellent match, but weak play from ‘Solo’ and ‘9Pasha’ showed the cracks in the team.

The second match was always going to be worse, just because of the standard of the previous one, but Vurtus.Pro won’t care after they took the win in 36 minutes to tie up the round. This time ‘RAMZES666’ and ‘No[o]ne’ were able to carry the team to a win, posting a combined 18/2/18 between them and posting game high’s in XP/Min of 597 and 650 respectively.

The winner-takes-all third match was destined to be great, and it lived up to expectations for a full 46 minutes. ‘No[o]ne’ played another excellent game for Virtus.Pro, but it wasn’t enough, with ‘Miracle-’ taking control and leading Team Liquid to a famous round victory. Playing as Anti-Mage, one of his signature heroes, the Jordanian had game-highs in XP/Min and Gold/Min of 814 and 798 to go along with a KDA of 7/4/5.

All-Star Game

Here’s how the teams lined up for the All-Star Game:

Team Radiant:

  • KuroKy
  • BoBoKa
  • SumaiL
  • s4
  • RAMZES666

Team Dire

  • Solo
  • Universe
  • Miracle-
  • kaka
  • n0tail

Team Radiant took the spoils in 36 minutes, with the All-star game living to its nature of a spectacle and having an insane number of kills. Team Radiant posted 53 kills between them to go with 126 total assists, and im sure will very much enjoy $20,000 each for their efforts!

Day 5 is already lining up to rival Day 4 in terms of action and it hasn’t even started yet. Invictus Gaming vs LGD Gaming will kick off the day, with the winner progressing on to play Team Liquid later on in the day for a spot in the LB finals on Saturday. Then, as if you needed anymore action, Newbee will take on LGD.Forever Young in the UB Finals for a spot in the Grand finals, and along with it a shot at the title and over $10,000,000 in prize money. Is that exciting enough for you?!

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