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The International 2017: Day 3 Round Up

10 August 2017 10:41

Day three of The International is where the competition starts to heat up, as those in the LB start to get sent home and teams in the UB make their way towards the final, with the extra LB rounds there as a safety net should they fall. Four best-of-3 rounds were scheduled; two from LB round 2 and 2 from the UB Semi-finals.

TNC Pro Team vs OG Dota2

These two teams came in with contrasting main events so far; TNC Pro Team were yet to win a match, whilst OG were yet to lose one. Unfortunately for TNC fans it stayed that way, after they were sent packing home with a 2-0 loss at the hands of OG. ‘ana’, playing as his signature Invoker in the first match and Templar Assassin in the second, continued his hot streak from Monday’s LB Round 1 for OG Dota2. The solo middle Australian posted KDA’s of 11/1/11 and 11/4/17 along with over 10k gold and over 650 last hits for the two matches combined. Over on TNC Pro Team, ‘Tims’ had another round to forget following his poor performance on Tuesday, posting just three kills to 15 deaths as Sand King and Earth spirit.

LGD-Gaming vs Digital Chaos

LGD-Gaming came into this round after being swept in UB Round 1 by Virtus.Pro, whilst Digital Chaos had come through a tense LB Round 1 best-of-one match against iG Vitality. The first match was an absolute schooling by LGD, taking the win in just 22 short minutes. ‘Somnus?M’ set the tempo for LGD at a solid XP/Min of 632, whilst ‘DuBu’ of Digital Chaos showed nothing of the standard expected with 1/8/7 KDA and just 183 XP/Min. Things didn’t improve for Digital Chaos in the second match as they lost again in just half an hour. This time it was ‘AME’ playing as Anti-Mage who took top match honours, posting a staggering 922 XP/Min, the highest seen in the main event so far. LGD-Gaming advance to play OG in the next round, whilst Digital Chaos are sent home.

Invictus Gaming vs Newbee

The first match in the UB semi-finals between Invictus Gaming and Newbee was a compelling one after both teams had scored upset wins in the previous round. The first two matches were split, with Newbee taking the first in 48 minutes and Invictus the second in 39minutes, with no particular player having a specific stand out performance. The winner-takes-all third match lasted 48 minutes before Newbee took the eventual win in a tightly fought game. It was the play of ‘Sccc’ and ‘Moogy’ once again that carried Newbee across the line after they posted a combined 19/1/22 with over 10k gold and both reaching over the 600 XP/Min threshold. Newbee advance to the UB Semi-Finals whilst Invictus will have to battle through the LB if they want to reach the grand final.

LGD.Forever Young vs Virtus.Pro

The second of the UB semi-finals between LGD.Forever Young and Virtus.Pro finished off the third day’s action. Forever Young practically walked through the first match, winning it in just 26minutes. ‘Monet’ posted nine kills and six assists without dying to post a game high 4422 gold and 710 XP/Min. The second match was a more tightly fought affair, lasting over 52 minutes, but still LGD.Forever Young came out on top again. ‘Monet’ once again had a solid match, but this time combined with ‘Super’ to get 26 kills and 32 assists between them. LGD.Gaming progress to play Newbee in the UB Finals for a place in the Grand Final, whilst Virtus.Pro get a second chance in the LB.

Thursday’s action will see Team Liquid vs Team Empire kick off the day, with the winner of that round having to come back and play Virtus.Pro later on. OG will take on LGD-Gaming in the other LB round 3, with the winner of that waiting until Friday to take on Invictus Gaming. The annual All-Star game will also take place, with players for Team Radiant and Team Dire selected through The International 2017 Battle Pass. The winning team takes home $100,000 so it should still be interesting!

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