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Samsung Galaxy win LoL World Championships

6 November 2017 13:57

The final of the 2017 LoL World Championships would come down to SK Telecom T1 taking on Samsung Galaxy in a rematch of last year’s final. SKT had seemed shaky at times coming into the final, having been taken to a deciding game in both the quarter and semi-finals, whereas SSG had flexed their muscles in the knockout stages by only losing one game and sweeping pre-tournament favourites Longzhu Gaming 3-0 in the quarter-finals.

These two Korean powerhouses are the household names of LoL eSports, and something just felt great about these two going head-to-head once more for the biggest prize in League of Legends.

Game 1

This was probably the cagiest start to a LoL match that you will ever see, and it was fitting that it came in the first game of the final. The first blood wasn’t drawn until the 23rd minute in the first real team battle. SSG had already claimed four towers, two dragons and a baron by this point so had a hefty gold advantage of 3.2k at this point. From this point on it was just regulation gaming for SSG as they slowly built their advantage by taking objectives all over the map and smothering SKT into ineffectiveness. The game lasted 37 minutes and SSG took the win at a near 12k gold advantage, whilst SKT didn’t score a single champion kill in what was a dominant SSG win.

Game 2

The important second game started in SKT’s favour after ‘Faker’, ‘Peanut’ and ‘Huni’ scored the first blood in a textbook manoeuvre to catch SSG’s ‘Crown’ in the mid-lane. They then took out ‘CuVee’ after he was found well out of place. Add in dragon and rift herald kills and it looked like SKT were on their way to a bounce back victory at the 20-minute mark.

The first big team fight of the finals then ensued and SSG produced one of the most textbook performances you will see from a team to score the Ace, followed by a quick Baron kill. From there it was regulation as SSG just took apart SKT’s towers one by one to eventually take an unassailable lead by the 35-minute mark.

Game 3

SKT had been in two ‘win or go home’ games already this tournament, so the territory of this all-important game three was nothing new to them. ‘Blank’ was subbed in for ‘Peanut’ and immediately made an impact by setting up kills for ‘Faker’ and ‘Huni’ in the solo lanes. A number of small engages took place through the map that SKT managed to come out on top of, leading 10-3 in champion kills at the 25-minute stage to take a 7k gold advantage.

In this spot SKT normally continue to take control and seize the game, but this was different. Going for the potential game winning Baron kill, SKT lost two large group fights in a row in which SSG scored seven kills to SKT’s one. SSG destroyed six towers and an inhibitor in the space of about three minutes, setting up what looked like the game ender until SKT managed to push them back briefly.

SKT managed to take down a dragon and tower of their own to re-build a slight gold advantage, but it wasn’t enough. SSG took down ‘Faker’ for the second time in quick succession to see off any hope of SKT getting back into the game, for SSG to then walk through and take down the nexus and be crowned champions.

The 3-0 score of the final does not reflect how close the round was. A few swings in kills could have seen us easily talking about SKT being champions for the third year in a row, but alas it’s not to be. Samsung Galaxy take their second world championship win in truly remarkable fashion.

Published on: 2017-11-06

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