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LoL roll out new pick and ban system for 2017

11 April 2017 13:45

Riot games has officially rolled out a new pick/ban system for the 2017 season of League of Legends and it has caused quite the stir amongst players. This is the first change that has been made to the system since competitive LoL began and it has the potential to really shake up the current strategies and plans that professional teams use.

Previously LoL had a six-ban system, but now that has been pushed up to ten, all in time for the Spring NA and EU LCS series. The new system still starts with the same six bans alternating between teams, then players pick champions in a 1-2-2-1 fashion. In ban phase two, the team that had the second pick in ban phase one now go first, with alternating picks until the final four bans are made. The last pick phase then culminates with a 1-2-1 format, where the side who picked first in pick phase one now go second.

Those playing on the red side get the first double pick in the first pick phase, allowing them to secure two early champions for their team, before getting the final pick in the first pick phase and the first pick in the second ban phase. This allows them to have a slight advantage in responding to their opponent’s strategy in ban phase two, whilst getting two quick champions in to support their own in pick phase one. Will this balance up the higher overall win rate the blue team has in LoL? Who knows, but it will certainly become apparent very soon.

The new system really shakes things up for professional teams, as it will hopefully vary the number of champions that are on show on a regular basis. At previous tournaments, spectators had complained that there wasn’t enough variation in the champions that pro teams used and it had become too predictable. With more bans and a new strategy, teams will have multiple set-ups and line-ups that are prone to quick time variation to respond to both their opponents’ picks and bans. The time allowed for each pick and ban has also reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds, making quick time strategy a necessity. There has never been so much pressure on team managers to think on their feet and this should really shake up the 2017 LoL season.

The EU LCS series begins on the 19th January, with the NA series just after on the 20th, and it will be fascinating to see how the new system is used to full effect. Betting on these LoL tournaments completely changed with the new system, and punters will want to keep their eyes out for big team players, noting how they play in matches before the big tournaments. If you can really work out a team’s strategy and think it will be beneficial against another’s then there could be good money to be made betting on LOL.

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Updated on: 2017-08-18