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Heroes of the Storm Spring Premier Series Review

7 June 2017 11:49

CE and eStar Gaming have both qualified for the 2017 Heroes of the Storm (HotS) Global Championship Mid-Season Brawl after finishing as the top two teams in the Gold Series Heroes League 2017 – Spring.

The Format

Organised by NetEase and Blizzard Entertainment, eight Chinese-based teams played out five-on-five battles from April 3rd to May 16th for the chance to qualify for the Mid-Season brawl. The CNY¥1,200,00 prize pool was shared out evenly amongst the eight sides regardless of where they finished, with each team winning CNY¥150,000. The eight competitors were Super Perfect Team, eStar Gaming, Star Over Again, CE, X-Team, HotS Lady, Team KIS and RPG.

CE’s Tournament

Currently ranked 3rd in China and 13th in the world, CE’s winning team consisted of Qiong "Alooffool" Gu, Junfeng "Wind" Gu, Tianze "canjian" Chen, Chengwei "Paradise" Wu and Jing "xuyu" Chen. They played impressively, winning six of their seven games to top the table with 16 points. Their one loss came in Week 3, a narrow 3-2 reverse to Super Perfect Team. In that defeat, CE won the Towers of Doom and Infernal Shrines battlegrounds, but lost out in Warhead Junction, Dragon Shire and Tomb of the Spider Queen. Their tournament record was:

Week One: CE 3-0 X-Team
Week Two: Start Over Again 0-3 CE
Week Three: Super Perfect Team 3-2 CE
Week Four: RPG 1-3 CE
Week Five: eStar Gaming 0-3 CE
Week Six: CE 3-0 HotS Lady
Week Seven: CE 3-0 KIS


eStar Gaming and Super Perfect Team finished with the same 3-1 record as winners CE, but CE took 1st place after winning 20 rounds – more than the other two teams. The overall group stage standings were;

1st place: CE - 6 victories-1 loss, 20 rounds won-4 rounds loss, 16 points
2nd place: eStar Gaming - 6-1, 18-5, 13
3rd place: Super Perfect Team - 6-1, 19-7, 12
4th place: X-Team - 3-4, 12-13, -1
5th place: HotS Lady - 3-4, 11-14, -3
6th place: RPG - 3-4, 11-14, -3
7th place: Start Over Again - 1-6, 4-20, -16
8th place: Team KIS - 0-7, 3-21, -18

What Next?

CE and eStar Gaming can now look forward to the Heroes of the Storm Mid-Season Brawl, beginning on June 10th in Jönköping, Sweden, where twelve teams will compete for a $250,000 prize pool.

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