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Fortnite Season 6 - Darkness Rises

1 October 2018 12:41

Epic Games has again made major changes to their Fortnite Battle Royale game with the start of season 6. The now eagerly anticipated season changes have continued to bring with them large scale map and gameplay changes, and season 6 is no different. This time around there was another one-time event – though not as big as the previous rocket launch – and it saw the cube that had appeared in season 5 melt into loot lake. As we enter the spooky Halloween themed season 6, that cube has led to major changes, and a season full of “frights and delights” awaits.

Fortnite Season 6 Map

Fortnite Season 6 changes

The biggest change in season 6 is that the cube that had melted into loot lake has reappeared and lifted the entire island from the middle of the lake into the air. It is now surrounded by a whirlwind which lifts players onto the island, as well as allowing players to redeploy their gliders. The changes to the lake put to rest the questions of what would happen to the location that a lot of players were starting to dislike.

Fortnite Floating Loot Lake

The changes don’t stop there however. The next biggest change is a large haunted house that has appeared in the north east of the map by haunted hills. It lies atop the hill to the west of haunted hills and consists of a main keep, and four walls with towers in the corners.

Fortnite Haunted Hills Castle

All the major changes have happened in the north of the map as we continue over to wailing woods. Here there have been three new houses and bunker sections added. Each has its own secret underground tunnel which rumour has it will be connected later in the season. Underneath the maze is a large super-villain base which is replacing the one in the hill north of Snobby shores which now lays deserted and depleted.

There haven’t been any major gameplay changes like there was entering season 5 (with the appearance of karts, and rifts) however there is one new consumable. Shadow stones can be found in 7 new locations. These spots are now run down rocky (and spooky!) areas where in season 5 there were the low gravity sections. The Shadow stones make players almost invisible for up to 45 seconds but disable weapons in that time.

Fortnite Rune Stones

Season 6 Battle Pass

Naturally a new season has brought with it a new Battle pass. If you don’t know already, battle pass is an optional purchase which unlocks a pair of new skins, and 100 new levels each of which unlocks some form of prize from extra XP to new skins. The battle pass format is unchanged from season 5 and still costs 950 v-bucks (roughly $10 or £8).

Fortnite Pets

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