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AFL shows interest in hosting Australian eSports Tournament

5 May 2017 14:13

The Australian Football League (AFL) are reportedly interested in setting up an eSports tournament at the Etihad Stadium, Melbourne. The AFL-owned arena appears to be the ideal venue to host the event, with the capacity, facilities and size to cater for the needs of eSports players and fans.

Australia currently has eight professional eSports teams, along with hundreds of semi-professional and amateur teams. It is hoped AFL clubs will sponsor or create their own teams for the tournament as it could help to increase their brand, marketing, revenue and sponsorship amongst a younger audience, predominantly millennials.

The likes of Paris Saint Germain Football Club and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers already have their own eSports teams, and it appears the link between traditional sports and eSports is only going to increase given the crossover and similarities between the two. Both provide sporting events amongst professional players with packed audiences, television cameras, electric atmospheres and big prize money.

eSports is constantly growing in places such as Asia, the United States and United Kingdom, and the introduction of this AFL-led tournament would only help the growth further in Australia and worldwide.

Australian-based eSports fans, the likes of League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and FIFA could be with you very soon thanks to the AFL.

Pulished on: 2017-05-05

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