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How to bet

Betting on eSports is very simple and a great way to enjoy the spectacle even more, whether you’re a passionate follower or just a casual supporter. There are two main ways to bet on eSports, either by placing a stake online or in-person at a high-street bookmaker.

Betting Online

To bet online, simply visit one of the companies listed on the Bookmakers page. Signing up takes just a few minutes and then you must deposit funds into your account. You can do this using your debit card or via one of the other methods allowed by the individual bookie.

After that, simply browse the eSports section until you find the bet you would like to make and add it to your betting slip, along with the amount you wish to stake on the wager. After the bet has been accepted, you just need to wait for the match to take place and any winnings due will appear in your betting account.

Betting in Person

To place a bet at a shop, you must fill in a betting slip with details of the match, the date, the market you are betting on and the result you expect, the odds offered at that time, and your stake. Take the slip to the cashier, who will take your stake, log the bet and print you a receipt.

If your bet comes off, you must return to the shop (or to another branch of the same bookie) to collect your winnings.


Betting Odds

In the UK, betting odds are usually displayed in fractions. For example, in a CS:GO game between Tricked and WySix, WySix might be priced at 6/1 to win. This means that, for every £1 staked, you will receive £6 back in winnings. Bettors also receive their stake back on winning bets.

If you were to place £2 on WySix winning, and they emerged victorious, you would receive £12 in prize money as well as your £2 bet, meaning your account would be credited with £14.

eSports Markets

The main eSports betting markets currently centre around League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Given eSports is still relatively new in betting circles, there currently aren’t many markets available for other games, but the sector is growing as the popularity of eSports flourishes.

The option is there to bet on tournaments, leagues and competitions and, given the success of eSports both domestically and internationally, there should be more in-depth betting on individual players available soon. For example, there could be a player with an impressive win ratio in a certain game - one of the bookmakers’ favourites to lead their team to victory - and you would have the option to bet how you think they will perform.

With bookmakers still getting to grips with the odds and markets for themselves, there is the chance that they will not always accurately predict the outcome, meaning their prices could be too long or too short. Outcomes with overly-generous odds are known as ‘value bets’ and punters who have an in-depth understanding of a certain game – an individual player’s strengths or a team’s weaknesses, for example – could take advantage to make a significant return.

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