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A team-based first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch has been part of the eSports calendar since 2016, and already boasts a reported 25 million players worldwide. There are several diverse heroes for eSports gamers to choose from, including Zarya, Reinhardt, Bastion and Pharah, all of whom offer a unique set of skills.

Much like Call of Duty, Overwatch has the advantage that it is played on Playstation, Xbox and PC, making the audience for both players and viewers substantially larger than if it was just restricted to one console. Whether or not organisers will be able to organise cross-platform gaming and competitions is yet to be seen, but if they could then that would provide unrivalled audiences for Overwatch eSports.

As of yet, though, Overwatch doesn'’t yet have the reputation of League of Legends, CS:GO or Dota 2 within eSports, but the fact it was named ‘New eSports Game of the Year’ at the eSports Industry Awards 2016 shows its stock is already on the rise and overall prize money has already passed $2,000,000.


Overwatch joined LOL in creating an inaugural league that has teams permanently based at specific cities all around the world as their home ground. Although most teams are based in the USA, players and fans in Europe, China and Korea are represented through teams in London, Shanghai and Seoul.

The inaugural season splits teams into Atlantic and Pacific divisions, with six in each. The Atlantic division is made up of London Spitfire and various teams based on the East coast of America. The Pacific division has the Seoul Dynasty and Shanghai Dragons competing with teams on the West Coast of America, namely two from LA, one from San Francisco and one from Dallas.

Teams will compete for performance bonuses that surmount to $3.5million, and the winners of the year end Championship Playoffs walking away with a cool $1million bonus. The league is set to launch Overwatch eSports into a place where it hasn't been before.