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Heroes of the Storm Betting

Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is a raucous online team brawler, released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2015. This multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game stars characters from prior Blizzard games including Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo.

Playable heroes include Cassia, Artanis, Tyrande and Rehgar, all powerful warriors with a range of specialist abilities. In the hands of eSports professionals, mouth-watering five-verses-five battles are carried out across multiple different game modes in front of thousands of gaming fans. Players must guide their team to victory across multiple backgrounds, such as Braxis Holdout, Towers of Doom, Infernal Shrines and Warhead Junction.

Players work together as a team, combining individual skill with co-operation to emerge triumphant from these gaming extravaganzas. Each competing professional team can earn a reported $100,000 for participation, with over $3 million in HotS prize purses and team bonuses spread throughout the year.

Live betting is sometimes available in a Best of Three or Best of Five format and, when predicting a tournament’s outcome, a team’s personnel and hero types must be taken into consideration. Each hero has a specific ability, so a team purely full of assassins could struggle when facing a more balanced and well-rounded outfit, with a wider range of abilities. Teams have different strategies based on the types of heroes they come up against, and certain maps have specific objectives.

Although HotS tournaments are pretty regular, bookmakers don't offer betting odds on those tournaments as frequently as you would hope. Currently only Betway offers regular HotS betting markets.


HGC Korea




23rd Feb 2018 9:00am


HGC North America

18th Feb

SpaceStation Gaming 2-1 Team Twelve

HGC North America

17th Feb

LFM 2-1 HeroesHearth

HGC Europe

17th Feb

Leftovers 2-1 Diamond Skin

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Gold Series 2017

Gold Series 2017



The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) Finals is the game’s end-of-year showpiece eSports event, held at BlizzCon towards the end of the calender year. The winner takes home their share of a cash prize and the competing teams are decided over the preceding months.

There are several qualifying rounds within regional leagues that determine the make-up of the contestants at the HGC Finals, which begin in January. The big teams from four main regions – Europe, North America, China and Korea – fight to reach the tournament, along with selected representatives from Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Blizzard Entertainment also announced Eastern and Western Clashes. These are set at the halfway point of each phase and feature the top four teams from North America playing the top four from Europe in the Western Ckash and the top four from China playing those from Korea in the Eastern Clash. The regions that win these clashes will have an extra team slot for the Mid-Season Brawl in phase one and an extra slot for the HGC Championships in phase two, so these clashes are really important.

Prior to the HGC Finals, there’s also a Mid-Season Brawl that is usually held in June. The tournament is an elite global competition where 12 professional teams from around the world compete for a huge $250,000 prize pool.