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First released in 2014, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is an online collectable card game that is part of the hugely popular Warcraft series. The game pits players against one another, with each using a deck of selected cards and a chosen hero card with a special power. Utilising the deck, competitors must reduce their opponent’s score to zero by using Mana points to cast spells and summon an array of mystical and magical minions. The game requires players to implement multiple strategies throughout the game and remain flexible with the cards they play at all times.

Being part of the Warcraft series, Hearthstone commands legions of fans and is one of the top five most watched games on video streaming site Twitch, despite being a relatively new on the scene. The game is subject to regular updates and expansions, meaning elite players must learn to adapt quickly to avoid being defeated.


Ever since the game’s release in 2014, the 16 players who have proved themselves to be the best in the world have gather at BlizzCon to compete for the Hearthstone World Championship title and a prize pool of $1 million. Competitors from around the world must take part in continental preliminaries (Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific) throughout the year in order to make it the finals. Thanks to player and fan feedback, a number of changes were made to the Championship in 2016; these included more local champions being allowed to participate against top level performers, rewards for fair play and an increase in prize money.

Due to Hearthstone being a 1 vs 1 game, many sites offer their own small eSports tournaments that are limited to a few players or 1 vs 1 cash matches. These are not offically sanctioned eSports tournaments by Blizzard Entertainment, and will not give you any credit for qualifying for the World Championship, but can offer players competitive experience and a way to play for money.