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League of Legends

LOL takes the title of the most popular eSports game in the world after setting multiple records for viewership at their annual world championships tournament. Whilst international tournaments have been dominated by Korean and Chinese teams, North America and Europe are known for their ultra-competitive leagues that see some of the biggest LOL names in the world battle it out week in, week out.

Dota 2

Dota 2 has set the bar for all eSports with the prize money it offers at ‘The International’. The annual tournament offers over $20 million in total prize money and over $10 million alone to the winning team. Viewers for big tournaments can easily surpass 10 million worldwide, making Dota 2 a close second to LOL for the most viewed eSport on the planet.

LoL- World Championships 2018

The 2018 League of Legends World Championships will head to Korea, rotating around regions in the country before the grand final. This was an expected move due to the sucess of Korean teams at the tournament, but that doesnt make the announcement any less exciting. Can SK Telecom T1 bounce back, or will Gen.G (formally Samsung Galaxy) defend their crown? Find out more here.

Fortnite Pro-Am

Epic Games wasted no time getting Fortnite onto the eSports scene. The first big tournament of its kind saw 100 celebrities and professional gamers descended on Los Angeles for a Pro-Am tournament consisting of three games; one solo and two duo's. The winners would get to $3 million to donate to their chosen charities.

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League of Legends

Betting on esports is pretty much the same as betting on traditional sports, although you'll find far fewer markets at present. That said, esports betting is less developed overall, so you can also seek out value much easier.

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